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Since 1969, Scooby Doo and the other Scooby Doo characters of Fred "Freddie" Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers have been bringing us tons of laughs and so it is because many of us have grown up with this long running animated cartoon, that Scooby costumes have become very popular.

Scooby Doo Costumes

There are Halloween costumes available for all of the Scooby Doo Characters, but lets begin with the main character of Scoobert "Scooby" Doo himself.

About Scooby
Scooby is based on a Great Dane, yet as wel al know he is a very cowardly dog who also happens to have a huge appetite. Because he isso scard to get him to go on their adventures, the other characters in the film usually have to bribe him into chasing what are usually believed to be supernatural forces. These bribes are known as Scooby snacks, which are like tasty dog biscuits.

The good Scooby Doo fancy dress costumes try to copy the character as closely as possible, in the films, his fur is brown with big black dots on the top of his coat. He wears a blue collar with a diamond shaped gold tag which has the letters "SD" engraved into it. Scooby has a black nose and his ears often point up into the air.

Scooby costumes are available in a number of different sizes range in quality.

Adult Scooby Doo Costume
The oficially licensed adult Scooby costume comes in only one size - Adult Standard (up to a size 38-42) and is made up of a one piece fleece jumpsuit with attached headpiece and comes with the 'SD' dog tag. The costume does not come with his gloves (paws) and you have to purchase that separately. As far as I can tell, the costume is not recommended for men over 6 feet tall.

Scooby Doo Costumes for Kids
Childrens Scooby Doo Costumes come in a number of different sizes and you can get ones for babies, toddlers, a small child's Scooby Doo costume suitable for children of ages between 3 and 4 years, a medium size to fit children aged 5 to 7 years and then a larger one for older kids.

Where to buy Scooby Doo Costumes
In the US, probably the best and most popular suppliers of Halloween costumes is The have the whole range of Scooby Costumes available:

Scooby Doo Super Deluxe Child Costume

Scooby Doo Super Deluxe Child Costume

Scooby Doo Super Deluxe velour front zipper jumpsuit with attached character headpiece collar and tail. This is an officially licensed Scooby-Doo™ and © Hanna-Barbera costume.

Scooby Doo Deluxe Child Costume

Scooby Doo Deluxe Child Costume

Comes with jumpsuit, dog collar, and headpiece. This is an officially licensed Scooby-Doo™ and © Hanna-Barbera costume.

Unfortunatly at the time of writing, BuyCostumes did not have the Adult Scooby Costume in Stock, please check them though as they say they will have them back in stack again soon. They are available from Amazon (see below):

Scooby Costumes available on Amazon

Amazon has a good selection of Scooby Doo Halloween Costumes and have pretty much every size and quality variation. It is always worth checking their prices to see what is available:

More About Scooby
Being a dog, Scooby often has trouble pronouncing certain words, for example "uh-oh, Shaggy!" is normally said with an "R" sound and comes out like "ruh-roh, Raggy!"

There have been many different series of Scooby Doo, the first in 1969 was called Scooby Doo, Where are you? and was written by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears and was created for the Hanna-Barbera Productions. In 1997 Warner Bros.Animation took over the production and has remained in control ever since.

Warner Brothers released a film In 2002 that stared Freddie Prince Jr, as Fred, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as Daphne, Matthew Lillard as Shaggy, and Linda Cardellini as Velma. Scooby's graphics were created by computer generated special effects. The film was a great success although is quite different from the cartoons as the ghosts and monsters are now real as opposed to having a perfectly reasonable explanation. In the film most of the paranormal events were based on the monsters seen in the cartoons from years before.

In 2004 Warner Brothers released the sequel Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. The theme song of the movies was roughly based on the original theme song of the cartoons.

Scooby Doo Soundtrack

The Scooby Doo Song has become almost as famous as the character, below are the words, and a video from YouTube just incase you do not already know them:

Scooby dooby doo where are u
we've got some work to do now
Scooby dooby doo we need some help from u now
come on Scooby doo I see u
pretending you've got a sliver
you're not foolin' me 'cause I can see
the way u shake and shiver

u know we got a mystery to solve
so Scooby doo get ready for your act
don't hold back 'cause Scooby doo
when u come thru you're gonna have your self
a Scooby snack that's a fact

Scooby dooby doo here are you
you're ready and you're willin' [Scooby]
if we can count on you [beee]Scooby doo
I know we'll catch that villain

Scooby Doo Products

As well as fancy dress costumes, there is a whole range of Scooby Doo products available, so many infact that it would take much more than just this page to list them all, so instead, I have decided to highlight a few of my favourites and where you can get them.

Scooby Doo Spoofs

It is often a sign of just how popular something is when people begin to make spoofs of it, Scooby and the Scooby Doo soundtrack have had a number of spoofs made about them, below is one about boobs, I found on YouTube, that it moderately amusing called Booby Booby Boo:


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