X-Men Origins Wolverine Costumes


X-Men Origins Wolverine Costume X-Men Origins Wolverine Costume
One of the most popular Superhero costumes is Wolverine and the release of the new film: X-Men Origins Wolverine has also meant that Logan and his mutant form of the Wolverine will contine to be one of the best selling Marvel Comic superhero costumes.

The Official Wolverine Costume
The Official Wolverine Costume from Marvel comes with the one piece yellow and blue jumpsuit with the muscle padded body, that perfectly shows off ripped abs, chest, biceps and deltoid muscles. The Wolverine costume comes with foam boot tops with a printed boot effect that finishes at the base of the trouser leg so ideally you will need a pair of black shoes to complete the costume.

Wolverine Mask
The foam face mask that comes with the official costume is held on to the face with a Velcro strap at the rear.

Wolverine Claws
The Wolverine claws are made from PVC and are held in place with elastic straps and come with the costume. You can also buy them separately.

  • The Wolverine costume is available in all adult sizes, including full cut as well as children's and toddler sizes.

More about The Wolverine
Evin if you are not an avid comic book reader, the story of Wolverine is pretty interesting. Basically the Wolverine is a mutant, he was born James Howlett and is commonly known as Logan. As the Wolverine he has enhanced animal like senses and abilities that include retracting claws made from bone on his hands and a healing ability that allows him to recovery very quickly from any wounds. This ability also alws Wolverine to have a much longer lifespan than the average human.

Giant-Size X-Men Marvel Comic Book CoverThe Wolverine Costume in the Comics and Films
The Wolverine costume has changed quite often over the years, but the most iconic look and the costume that most people think of, when they think of dressing up as the Wolverine, is the blue and gold costume. This version of Logan's costume has a long history as it made it's first appearance way back in 1975, in the Marvel Comic Book Giant-Size X-Men #1. It is also the the Halloween costume that is most often sold by fancy dress companies. Logan was to wear this costume again for a long period during the 1990's and that is why I think this is the costume that most people think of, when they think of the Wolverine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The new X-Men Origins: Wolverine film was actually filmed in New Zealand and Australia. It stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and the film follows Wolverine when he was part of Team X, about 20 years before the formation of the X-Men and before his skeleton was stuck together with an unbreakable metal called adamantium.

X-Men Trailer
Check out the official X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer of the film below:

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